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Holistic Health and WellBeing, LLC

Embrace Spiritual Wellness and Thrive

2023 Reflection Blog 

Weekly Reflection by CLB

Living A More Spiritual Life

January 27, 2023

Growing spiritually requires that you open yourself to your Divine inspiration in each moment. You can think of it as living a more angelic life. I am guided that cherishing each day will not only inspire you but will also give you an infectious energy that will spread to those around you.

I always call upon angels to help guide me to the highest frequency of love and light.

๐Ÿ’œ Blessings c 

Embracing Your Creative Power

January 20, 2023

No matter how creative we are, eventually we all experience an uninspired period in our lives. Embracing new thoughts and/or learning something new can spark creativity and inspiration. Being open to something different may lead to significant shifts and skill sets that were dormant or needed to be embraced.

I start this process by asking questions that get me inspired and help me tap into my creative power. When I can better understand and picture the greater possibility for growth, change, joy or impact, I open myself to expansion, and this allows me to have a clearer picture of the future I want to create.  

๐Ÿ’œ Blessings c

Overcoming Obstacles

Today I want to talk about overcoming obstacles.

The purpose of obstacles is not to stop us or keep us stuck, but to enrich and expand us in our consciousness which will help us respect our own boundaries as well as others. When we begin to recognize that challenges test our faith in ourselves and others, we can overcome any obstacle. Observing and changing yourself is the only thing you have control of and is how you grow through obstacles gracefully. To see yourself and others through the eyes of love, is a conscious step to evolution. ๐Ÿ’œ Blessings c 

Creating Healthier Energy

January 6, 2023

When overwhelmed or anxious, it can be hard to elicit positive feelings. It is most important during these times to be grateful because the effect can snap you out of heavy emotions.

Making a list of what is piling up on your plate is a good place to start. Then after writing the list and burning it, you clear out your psyche to bring in new and healthier energy. When you write down positive affirmations and focus on the good, it reminds you of what is good in your life during chaotic times. It is well-known that possessing a positive outlook and turning circumstances over to a higher power can be profoundly impactful on your attitude.

For me, this takes some of the pressure off what I am manifesting and want to create. And as I keep working toward my manifestations, I maintain faith that the Universe has my back and in Divine timing, I can create what is for my highest good. When I have done all, I can, then I know it is time for me to turn it over to Spirit and allow forces greater than myself to create for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned with harm to no one. 

๐Ÿ’œBlessings c