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Cathleen offers classes, workshops, retreats, and events for those dedicated to their wellbeing and personal growth. These empowering classes/workshops encourage personal spiritual experiences and are designed to help fulfill your soul’s potential. 

"Workshops and classes that bring together love-hearted individuals to share their story. clb

Cathleen believes that the classes and workshops she teaches have a common thread. All of them are designed to assist you in remembering who you truly are--a Divine being with unlimited possibilities. Each class focuses on a different aspect of how you can gain empowerment through your connection to spiritual guidance. This will inspire you to reach your highest potential.


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Next workshop is Seven Levels to Love

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Due to limited space prepayment is required. This workshop is available for you to book and pay online. Click on the "Schedule Now" button below.

When: Saturday, 

Time: 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Where: The Liberty Lake Portal, 2nd Floor Boardroom

23403 East Mission Avenue, Liberty Lake, WA 99019

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Cost: $110.00 per person. This class is limited to to 12 participants.

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Come join me for this enlightening workshop.


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