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Holistic Health and WellBeing, LLC

Embrace Spiritual Wellness and Thrive

Choose Optimal Health and Wellbeing

Inspiration at its best!

Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul

In these articles, I share my thoughts on how our thinking and perceptions can directly affect our bodies. My services at Holistic Health and WellBeing in Liberty Lake, Washington is about helping you take care of your body by reducing the effects of your mental strain, particularly stress. These articles will explain to you how mindful meditation and spiritual hygiene can bring you optimal health and wellbeing.

A Moment in Time, A Moment in Thought

Printed in the Sedona Journal of Emergence October 2018

Spiritual and Physical Hygiene 

Printed in the Sedona Journal of Emergence April 2019

I Am Becoming Joy

Sedona Article

Spiritual Egotism and Competition Among Lightworkers

Sedona Article

Compassion Heals

Printed in the Sedona Journal of Emergence July 2020

Your Family of Light

Sedona Article

Sharing of Cathleen's Published Material

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Cathleen L. Balfour, Holistic Health and WellBeing