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2019 ​Newsletter Excerpts 

by Cathleen L. Balfour

Fill Your Cup

November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

November is a time for filling your cup with abundant appreciation, and sweeten your senses by tenderly caring for body and spirit. It is a time to get creative about caring for yourself, and celebrate who you are. Paying attention and listening to your body as a source of wisdom will inspire you to maintain wellness in your life. Taking a moment in deep resting silence will set your spirit free from the demands of everyday life.

When your cup is full you will become comfortable in your own skin. This lets you pursue activities that make you happy, and let go of those that no longer benefit you. Being a free spirit allows you to take mindful responsibility for your actions and sets you free.

Living your life intentionally and creating positive outcomes will fill your cup to overflowing. When you live joyously in the moment it radiates to all those around you. You will feel empowered, and will be able to refocus your priorities, and simplify your lifestyle choices. 

Let this be your guide--it is time to celebrate! clb

Manifestation Equals Magical Moments

October 2019

Happy Halloween...

"One of my favorite words is magical, just the word itself reminds me to live my divine intention. By living in alignment, and strengthening my heart connection with the Divine, I am allowed to co-create something wonderful every moment . I believe, when choosing to manifest for the highest good for myself and others, the benefits are astoundingly beautiful. Beautifully aligned with good!” clb

Fall's magical energy is to cultivate a life full of health, integrity, love, honesty and goodness. Cultivating all of this involves being a conscious observer, or the spiritual witness, to our thoughts. By paying attention we can develop a deeper sense of stillness and truth. When we come to embrace the infinite space of peace within us, it becomes easier to let go of stress and being overwhelmed.

Empowering our inner space involves becoming the watcher, or the witness to our thoughts, and that develops a deeper sense of stillness. Through focus we come to understand this deeper space of goodness within. It becomes easier to let go of "fear" and lets our divine -based thoughts guide us instead. Being able to move into this internal space of now is how we can hold the space of our true nature, which is love.

Fall is a time of decisions, looking inward and outward, and choosing what to let go of. It may not always feel comfortable, but we must let go or we will get bogged down in the old belief systems from the past. By taking responsibility for our divine creation, and through the exploration of a consistent self-reflection and inner examination, we become more conscious, authentic and real.

Blessings c

Pure In Spirit for September’s Energy

September 2019

The symbolism of September “Is Pure in Spirit” and centers on refocusing our energies to create for the better. During this amazing month of September lets direct our intentions on healing the world around us. I believe that when we send loving spiritual intentions to the world they make a powerful difference. If each of us take a moment to visualise these positive prayers, wrapping our world in a matrix of peace, love and healing we can create an actual grid that will help cancel those focusing on sadness, anger or fear. I feel that only love and forgiveness transforms.

Since September’s energy is lucky, motivated, enthusiastic and contains a mystical, somewhat magical, vibration which caters for an ideal time for manifestation. Lets use this month's energy to share our love, prayers, intentions, actions, thoughts and words, because they are never lost. True goodness shared through our intentions and prayers are never inconsequential. Whatever we can do to hold the space of love and compassion, towards ourselves and others, is essential to create a better world. Blessing c

The Power of Adaptability 

August  2019

On my recent trip to India what stood out most to me was how different the everyday life in Padum India was compared to my lifestyle in Liberty Lake.

I could never have imagined the awe-inspiring journey I encountered. Going off the grid was like untangling myself from a fish net. Being free from technology, and my extremely engaged life, was like a "Get Out of Jail" Monopoly card! Don't get me wrong, I love my life and I am living the life Spirit destined me to create. Going to India reminded me to take a deep breath, step back, and take a good look at life. It also reminded me that I needed to have the ability to adapt to unusual or challenging situations, and become comfortable with the ever-changing circumstances in each experience. Living my life, truly in the moment, could influence my happiness, health, stress level, and general well-being.

So, how can you and I learn the power of adaptability so that we are ready and willing to take on any change, big or small, that comes our way? clb

What is Adaptability?

I believe that adaptability can be defined as our ability to move peacefully in a given direction at any time. This may mean physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. It’s our willingness to let go, flow, learn something new, make mistakes (and not judge ourselves for them) and stay in the moment. However, to do that we must be comfortable in making last minute adjustments, or be willing to change our behavior in each unfamiliar situation.

Most of us go into a new situation with our minds already made up about what we think is going to happen, or with expectations of how it should be. These thoughts are programmed in us from our past personal experiences, other people’s opinions, or simply mistaken beliefs. Each of us form ideas about what will happen based on these experiences or beliefs, and this usually affects the choices or actions we take.

"No matter what the change, all of us go into every situation with a set of expectations, (what we think will happen); requirements (what we need to actually happen); and desire (what we want to happen).

From "Psychology Today”

That being said, I always tried to live my life free of expectations and just go with creative flow as much as possible; however, being in India showed me that "trying" and "doing" are two different things. I had to consistently set aside my expectations and be fully in the moment. What I discovered gave me true power, and by adapting I let go of what I thought should happen and truly lived in the here and now.

How to Increase Your Ability to Adapt

Here are some things you can do right now to increase your ability to adapt. Change your perspective by looking at both sides of an issue. Break the mold by changing your habits and add spontaneity to your daily routine. Travel out of your comfort zone and take risks and face your fears; there is nothing you can't accomplish to become a more empowered self. Blessings c

Return From Zanskar 

July 2019 

Thanks to all of you who supported us going on the Zanskar project. Your generosity and encouragement made this happen and Paul and I will be forever grateful. We are still in the process of trying to absorb this life-changing experience. It has profoundly affected both of us in mind, body and spirit. Working with a different culture, in a foreign country, challenged us to adapt to the food; the extremely high altitude; travelling on undeveloped mountainous roads; unexpected weather (snow); and local customs. Both Paul and I did our best to adapt and to have no expectations (thanks Dr. Belinda). In order to work there, and to accomplish the mission, the medical team had to quickly adapt as Zanskar India is so different from the life we live in America.

The Tibetan people are optimistic, content, happy and uninhibited. Traditionally, most settled in small villages and farmed peas and barley. Those living in cities were taxi drivers, craftsmen or merchants. The main food in the region is Naan Bread(s), Rice, Dal Makhani (lentils), some mutton, and local dairy products. Although vegetables are scarce, we had potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and cabbage and a vegetable soup. Drinks include buttered tea, sweet tea and barley wine. Tibetan clothing is thick, warm and loose with a wide waist, long sleeves and skirts. The women mainly work the fields and take care of the children and animals.

This year’s team of 19 individuals (some who had been to Zanskar several years before ) pulled together and through hard work, tears, and laughter dedicated themselves to the mission. Additionally, the USA team was joined by providers from Brazil, and our faithful team of Zanskar translators. We could not have communicated with the Tibetan people, without them. My main translator was Stanzin Thinlay, a 25 year-old young Tibetan man. 

The clinic was up and running from June 10 to June 27. In that time the team saw 1174 patients. Basic medical care was provided plus cervical cancer screening, ultrasound, lab work, prenatal, holistic health therapy, physical therapy, Reiki, massage, herbal and Tibetan medicine.

Major health issues identified in this population are: H-Pylori, cataracts, arthritis, pneumonia, skin infections, acute stomach issues, worms, scabies, and GERD. The mortality rate for children under five is extremely high and is probably due to untreated respiratory infections.

Other patients requiring complex care and a follow-up were referred to services in Leh if possible. Many services are not available in Padum; therefore, patients have to travel to major cities for advanced medical care. Zanskar is isolated 8 months of the year, and it is a 2-day trip by Jeep to the nearest government hospital.

As the team closed up "shop" in Zanskar the satisfaction we felt in helping others out-shined any thing else we experienced.

 Blessing c

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