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Holistic Health and WellBeing, LLC

Embrace Spiritual Wellness and Thrive

Peace In Body, 

Mind and Spirit

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Holistic Health and WellBeing has welcomed people who sought healing, not just physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. Many people from Washington, Idaho, Montana and other US cities. Plus countries throughout the world have found satisfaction in my holistic health approach during my healing sessions and therapies.

Phone Session Testimonial

I have been speaking with Cathleen Balfour through phone sessions for over 10 years now. I can’t explain how she does it, but I can attest that time and again, Cathleen has had accurate insight . She tunes in to who people really are and their motivations. Her sessions have helped me grow and resolve issues in my relationships with family and other significant relationships. Cathleen has also been accurate in helping me with numerous health issues from my teeth, to acute allergic reactions and hormonal changes of mid life.

When you watch a music video you don’t hear the song as completely as when you just listen and really take in music and the lyrics. I suspect it may be similar to how Cathleen can so exquisitely connect to her clients in phone sessions.  Christina Perry, Interior Design & Artisan Jewelry 

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